It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that we have started with high end diagnostic centre dedicated to ultrasound.
5D Ultasound
As the first and most experienced 5D ultrasound provider in delhi, India
The RAHUL GERA diagnostic centre is 2D/3D/4D/5D Baby Imaging ultrasound is proudly South Delhi owned and operated

Welcome to Rahul Gera Diagnostic Center

As the first and most experienced 5D ultrasound provider Rahul Gera Diagnostic Center in Delhi welcomes you, and invite your family and friends, to enjoy the wonderful experience of pregnancy in a warm, nurturing environment with the most advanced technology available. We will guide you and your guests through the scan, with your baby imaged using 4D ultrasound (3D ultrasound image with movement), in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. As for mothers and their families wishing to see their baby in a friendly and non-clinical environment, our focus is on the total bonding experience. Dr RAHUL GERA is certified doctor for nuchal scans ,fetal echocardiography and color doppler He has vast experience of infertility related ultrasounds and with best 5d ultrasound equipment he is able to predict success with high rate of accuracy. We have special 5d feature in our ultrasound where we give 3d glares to patient and there families for virtual experience of there baby on a big 41 inch LED TV situated in the ultrasound lounge . Our ultrasound scans will be able to show images of your baby moving around, as well as your first glimpse of their face, hands and feet in 3D. You may even see your baby yawning, waving and kicking. These images will all be compiled into the package of your choice to give you a unique keepsake of your child. We look forward to giving you and your loved ones memories that will last a life time and a bonding experience that is truly unique.Since we had a lot of complications .


Hi Thank You so much for wonderful approach of HANDLING DIFFICULT PATIENTS LIKE ME. Excellent patient handling, patient friendly atomsphere & professional expertise made me feel very much at ease. Along with that correct guidance as per medical history has really helped me & my refering doctor in evaluating and achieving a great level of personal satisfaction"
Madhavi Mittal
I was thrilled to see 5d scan. What an experience and I recommend everyone to undergo scan at this center.
It Was Thrilling Experience Of 5D Ultrasound. The Doctor Explain Everything In Detail. The Staff Was Nice.
"Thanks a lot for all care and affection every time we visited here. We are very impressed by Dr Rahul Gera. Since we had a lot of complications from the beginning of this pregnancy we had more than normal number of ultrasound scans.
Teena Sharma